Microsoft Yanks Three Bad Patches Of Their Last Outlook Patch

An anonymous reader quotes ComputerWorld’s Woody Leonhard:
I just received word from Gunter Born that Microsoft has pulled three of its Outlook patches… There’s no specific recommendation that you uninstall the yanked patches — indeed, there’s no description of the problems caused by the latest round — but earlier versions of the bad patches-of-patches had a nasty habit of crashing Outlook… Microsoft still hasn’t fixed any of the Office 2007 bugs it introduced in the June security patches.
If you’re keeping score at home, the yanked patches are:

KB 4011042 – July 5, 2017, update for Outlook 2010
KB 3191849 – June 27, 2017, update for Outlook 2013
KB 3213654 – June 30, 2017, update for Outlook 2016

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